Aeroprakt A32

Pris standard fly levert Stord  98 495 euro eks. mva.

A32L Data

Wing span  9.45 m

Wing area  12.83 m2

Length  6.27 m

Height  2.22 m

Wheel base 1.27 m

Wheel track 1.75 m

Gross weight (Maximum Take-Off Weight, MTOW)  600 kg

Top speed at sea level, ISA conditions  225 km/h

Range with full tanks (30 min. reserve) at 1000 ft, still air, ISA conditions, 3 700 RPM 706 nm 1307 km

Best angle of climb speed (VX), IAS 49 kts 90 km/h


Best rate of climb speed (VY), IAS 65 kts 110 km/h

Stalling speed at MTOW, flaps up (VS), IAS 32 kts 60 km/h

Stalling speed at MTOW, full flaps (VS0), IAS 27 kts 50 km/h

Never excepted VNE  240 km

Maximum engine power at 5800 RPM (5 minutes limit) 100 hp 73.5 kW

Total fuel capacity  90 l

Usable fuel 89.5 l

Approved fuel types:  unleaded mogas min. RON 95 or avgas 100LL

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